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A man who is your Uncle, Brother, and father at the same time (a whole lotta incest)
I'm going to Arkansas to visit my Uncle Brodad
by Kie-Guan Jinn February 21, 2017

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1. To have sex with your daughter, then have another daughter and have sex with her.
2. To be incest

This word was based from the wildling Craster from the popular TV show Game of Thrones. He had many wives (who were also his daughters) and slept with them, and had more daughters.

This word can be used as an insult
You crasticated fuck
Fuck your crasticated family
by qwertyasfuck321 December 12, 2016

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Two cousins who have a sexual relationship with each other.
Oh? Those two? Yeah they’re Giuliani Partners.
via giphy
by Hillary Clonton June 03, 2018

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The name of the incest clan in Louisiana.
Ex: Zach Boulet Smashed his cousin "Kinsey" which is incest.
by dictionaryking69 March 02, 2017

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Having sex with your sibling while you're pumping your own gas.
Jake: Hey dude why weren't you at the Miley Cyrus concert yesterday?

Ryan: Oh, sorry. I was giving my sister a New Jersey "Thank You".
by IncestWill June 18, 2017

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Some bitch who sucks her brother’s dick. Her brother loves it and spazzes over having sex with her.
Omg is that girl Hamza’s girlfriend? She’s totally a Hodman.
by ghostwriter20747 August 05, 2018

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This is when your father has sex with your grandma and their baby is a hermaphrodite (both boy and girl parts)

Thus, this offspring would be both your brother and sister as well as your uncle and aunt all at the same time.

It is a brosisuncant (bro-sis-unk-ant)
What are you going to do mom now that your husband just made the family a brand new baby brosisuncant?
by Sp@deasp@ade May 28, 2018

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