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Full of skets,school is facing bankruptcy,teachers leaving,students fiddling in art classrooms,illegal substances been smoked 24/7, schools drug dealer is Mr Ford aka stampy. You have the posh twats from deepcar and the ones from stocksbridge juniors who egos are far too high and the irrelevant high greeners. And the meme accounts that are getting taken down because teachers can’t take a joke. The year sevens who beef you about anything and the year 8,9&10’s who all smoke because they are ard.
Have you seen the imbreds that go to Stocksbridge High School
by Orphans March 25, 2019

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95 % of the kids are inbred, the other 5 % are also inbred
I go to Greenbrier high school, I want to fucking die
by Dickwack69 September 13, 2018

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A High School in Tennessee where most men fuck anything that moves (including Dogs) and most girls spread there legs for any thing they can shove inside them (including hairbrushes). It's a place where Rebel flags get pissed at the Gay Pride flag because everyone is a little bitch and has to cry about everything including when you find out that the Pork you ate was 6 years old. It's also the place where you find out your cousin is actually your brother, but still your cousin all at the same time. Also the place that had 5 bomb threats in less than a month and everyone gets scared of a flashlight.
"Brandon:You remember Sarah's boyfriend?

Jacob: Yeah!

Brandon: It turns out he's her cousin

Jacob: They must be fromCherokee high school! "
by AStudentInThisShitPlace November 02, 2017

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A person or 'thing' that originates from fife in Scotland, fifers are usually inbred and their brothers are often their fathers same with mothers and sisters. Fifer is also a language
are ye pure a fifer an that aye?
by bignonce69 November 04, 2018

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Teeswater is a small town located in Ontario Canada. It’s so tiny that if you blink you’ll miss it. This place is populated with only inbred hicks. All to do there is get high and get freaky with your cousin.
Girl: Imagine being in a room with everyone you’ve had sex with.
Teeswater Guy: Tell me about it, I hate family reunions.
by Katelucky123 November 21, 2017

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