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I love you BITCH, I ain't gon EVER stop loving you... BITCH
Bitch: Why was you with shaniqua last night
Innocent nigga: tf you talking bout bitch
Bitch: I saw you wit shaniqua at the club. We thru, dumbass nigga
Innocent nigga: (But she got bomb ass pussy doe) cmon b, ilybiageslyb
by Pink sock sucker June 05, 2017

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I lobster you
Diego Ily
Rick: What does that mean?
Diego: It means 'I lobster you'
Rick: o sht brah, Ily2
by danxmemex December 28, 2016

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wink wink, nudge nudge
by owwwowwwowo August 17, 2018

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An amazing person. Any person would be lucky to have her as a friend. She’s gorgeous and attracts any guy who sees her without even trying. She’s super sensitive but also super tuff in some ways. She’s really shy when you first meet her but then loud and obnoxious when she gets used to you. She has a huge heart and when she likes someone, she falls head over heels but always makes sure to keep her best friend before any man. Anyone and everyone wants to be friends with her. She’s super smart but has no common sense what so ever. She may play dumb but she’s way smarter than you think. Overall, she’s just an awesome person.
You would be lucky to have Genna as a best friend.
by a.j. 0155 January 31, 2019

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ily mean I love you are to a girl your really hot and sexy, or means to a guy your like my dog I love you
ily baby have a good night
by The old man838574 August 04, 2017

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The most sweetest girl I’ve ever met Andreas the cutest laugh that makes you feel happy,she will fall in love with you and will be the loyalest
I love you karen
by IlyKaren July 14, 2019

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by baddietrash December 27, 2018

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