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I love you BITCH, I ain't gon EVER stop loving you... BITCH
Bitch: Why was you with shaniqua last night
Innocent nigga: tf you talking bout bitch
Bitch: I saw you wit shaniqua at the club. We thru, dumbass nigga
Innocent nigga: (But she got bomb ass pussy doe) cmon b, ilybiageslyb
by Pink sock sucker June 05, 2017

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I lobster you
Diego Ily
Rick: What does that mean?
Diego: It means 'I lobster you'
Rick: o sht brah, Ily2
by danxmemex December 28, 2016

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wink wink, nudge nudge
by owwwowwwowo August 17, 2018

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ily mean I love you are to a girl your really hot and sexy, or means to a guy your like my dog I love you
ily baby have a good night
by The old man838574 August 04, 2017

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by baddietrash December 27, 2018

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