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An app for horny teens and 8 year olds. Originally was suppost to be for +17 but flooded with 8 and 9 year old over the years. There are 15 features memes every 3 hours, usually from famous accounts. Then there we continue on to the comment section. There can be 2 top comments per post(meme). Top comments were suppost to be funny but turned into things like, "Do you want my nuuuuudes? My kik is (kik)!" And "Someone please help my dad just got shot," Okay so now theres the reply on comments. If you say anything like "is this loss?" Then you will be spammed with "kys" and "ban this absolute f*ck". Now For the banning system. Ifunny chef is charge of the banning system. If you have tits in your memes you get "beaned". But of you have tits and a joke, you will get featured for thousands of people to see. Famous accounts like iRape, And iNude get ton of love/hate. Good porn = love. Hate porn = hate. Originally you were suppost to get banned for porn or lewd content but iFunny just decided to just "F*ck this sh*t I'm out" and unban all its previously banned users and then came all the porn.
Person 1: Hey look at this meme I found on iFunny!
Person 2: Pfft, on that lame meme app?
Person 1: Mf kys

Person 2: what??
Person1: Go commit neck rope
by That One Autistic Kid August 09, 2018

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ifunny user, known to be a complete pussy/cuck/cuckhold/twat
IFC- You done?
Big Brolic Black Man- Nah

IFC- Good, let me take my time as Well

IFC- Shut the fuck up
IFC Gf- sorry IfunniesChan
by Ajiaoamqoqow May 30, 2018

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White dude from Ohio. May or may not be responsible for the death of harambe. Has sub par taste in music. Good dude tho.
1:y’all ever heard of that one place Ohio?
2: yeah I think raspbairy from ifunny lives there lmao
by NotYeahFromiFunny July 28, 2018

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Nicky, Nicole, nicoleslaw, J niCole, call her what you want but she’s a mean bowler. strikes out every frame, just like how she does with the fellas.
Bro iNicole from ifunny just bowled a 300
by NotYeahFromiFunny July 28, 2018

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Frankie? More like Skankie! Birth name is Frachesco, not to be confused with the commonly ordered Starbucks drink. T-mobile associate by day, pussy slayer by night.
1:Just copped this new iPhone X
2: word. ShitTalkingKing from ifunny is throwin out hella good deals
by NotYeahFromiFunny July 28, 2018

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A motherfucking legend among meme gods
Hey, do you know who nitro.if is?
by Justlookingtomakewords April 08, 2019

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One of the funniest niggas on ifunny. He Be finessing these Egirls one by one. And he got the most drip.
Damn that nigga Bruh just finessed another egirl. Get his coolass kekekeke
by Bruh967 January 19, 2019

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