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The biggest prick on planet earth. An invalid excuse for a human being. Don't be fooled by his Chinese looks, he's not really that intelligent. I have more brain cells in my thumb than he has in his whole head.. and that says a lot coming from a person who thought BELGIUM was a CITY IN GERMANY. Molly Saggers has a fetish for abusing him, no doubt because he's an illegal immigrant. Don't associate yourself with a Finnian.
Finnian = Prick.

'Fuck off Finnian before I get you deported.'
by wehatefinnian.co.uk May 22, 2017

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When a man pretend his little sausage is a rocket and he shove it deep in the females privacy. Then when he jizz in her privacy he pour a smoothie in her privacy and mix the smoothie and jizz together. After that they both drink it up like an energy drink.
"I just did a RocketShipJizzSmoothie on my girlfriend and it was AMAZING."
via giphy
by MEPEnisSmall November 21, 2018

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Someone you cant express your feelings towards
I really like nimisha
by Someone from avanti January 24, 2019

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The most kindest girl in the world. But some times talks about stabing people.and her favorite food is cereal. She loves to have a great time
Here comes yazari she is so sweet
by Yazari tje best person ever February 28, 2018

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He Is A Gay You-tuber For Spoiled Little Kids. nobody likes him.
IM GAY mr dantdm
by dantdm sucks March 04, 2019

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idk man I just thought of this
Guy 1: Yote my Weedus
Guy 2:... what
by TheWeedusYoter February 12, 2019

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Some bastard that likes hentai and is a perv.
Yo nigga yu heard of dat bith Solehin,he be rapin all dem girls
by Ugandan Soonix February 10, 2018

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