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The best user in the history of Everyplay. Many mistake him for being from the show "The Goldbergs", but he is not. They are in fact three random letters. Some call him Joe the Plumber.
It's a username. Use J.t.p as a noun.
by Definitely not J.t.p May 20, 2018

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she my bestfriend shes there for me when i need her she is awsome i love her so much as a friend 😁😁
august is bestfriend
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by Peypey1503 May 19, 2018

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When someone says something stupid or sounds like a lunatic

You say they snapped
They snapped shit
by Kari😎😎 August 25, 2018

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He is a white boy with a funny voice will always make. U laugh and make u feel special a safe he will never tell ur secrets to no one it's hard for him to find a girl cuz he wants a un common one he's mostly cute.. Falls in love fast and has a few friends picks his friends carefully has always that one girl bestie always says the truth will do anything to spare love with others and likes tits more then. Ass
Flaurin...best name for a boy
by Moseiesguevara63@icloud.com May 21, 2018

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A Handsome young man who loves women who are lovable and kind and sweet and can you make you laugh when at your worst and knows what to do when your mad and how to keep you calm and can brighten up your day. He likes to play basketball,run etheir cross country or track and is a start athlete. He will make you fall in love with him or you would want him in your life some way or another find someone name tydrae
Tydrae is the man!
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by Alexisykitaj May 15, 2018

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The most kindest girl in the world. But some times talks about stabing people.and her favorite food is cereal. She loves to have a great time
Here comes yazari she is so sweet
by Yazari tje best person ever February 28, 2018

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Some bastard that likes hentai and is a perv.
Yo nigga yu heard of dat bith Solehin,he be rapin all dem girls
by Ugandan Soonix February 10, 2018

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