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Usually 7-12 year olds on YouTube who think that commenting "first", "early", "notification squad" on a new video is going to make them cool and popular, when it, in fact, does the complete opposite.
First Commenter: "FIRST!!11!!!"
More Mature People: "Please shut the fuck up with your "first" crap."
by sans is MINE October 11, 2017

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A short way of saying “fucking time.”
Guy 2: Oh, that’s how it works?
Guy 1: Yes! That’s why I’ve been trying to tell you this whole fime!
by Madorgavannah June 01, 2019

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A word used for sarcastic remarks after someone says something stupid.
Scholar: I derped then dropped my phone into the Hudson.

Responded: Wow, you're a scholar.
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by Set Blue 23 June 04, 2018

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A place full of crying SJWS who dodnt get their way during the election, and are npw crying Bout it here. Trump won, and now he IS your president. Quit being stupid babies, and grow up. Quit showing your disgusting asses on a website clearly not meant for these things.
Urban Dictionary has become a site infested with sorry liberals. Its not even a website relating to politics!
by ActualSmartPerson January 27, 2017

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A fucking fatass ugly bastard that can't do any physical activities.
Imagine being a Ming Feng...
by duckling_soul6969 April 07, 2019

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