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An idiotic dance move performed by teens, adults, and children. The invention of the dab has been credited to Migos, a rap group from Atlanta. Because of these guys, the internet is full of people doing this "dance." In order to do this, which you shouldn't, it involves you bending one of your elbows and making it face to the side and putting your head inside your elbow. The next step involves you raising you other hand and making it face the other way. It is unadvised to try this as it could make you lose all your friends.
Guy 2: Hey, wanna see me dab?
Guy 1: Oh Lord no...
Guy 2: *proceeds anyway*
Guy 1: *dies*
by spoopyscaryskeletons February 22, 2017

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Calling someone stupid or disliking them so calling them a twatwaffle makes you feel better
Someone slapped me so I called them a Twat Waffle
by Sorry hehshebs May 19, 2018

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