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An Idiot
Idiot Femenist
by i am you nerd August 07, 2018

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A ziumiungiun (pronounced “ziminjin”) is an idiot accusing somebody of being an idiot.
“Hey, your stupid!”
“That’s an awful lot coming from somebody who can’t tell the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re,’ you ziumiungiun!”
by A msm tube fan May 20, 2018

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Someone that uses urban dictionary to define a word
The person reading this is an “Idiot”
by Xdcmhdwdyridlhjfkyrskytflhtf January 21, 2019

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A person with no sense .
a slow driver is an idiot.
by The spellerer April 06, 2017

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A person with no morals who have low aspirations, someone who gives up without a reasonable try.
You haven’t even tried, you’re such a bindaloe
by ijustaddedtothedicrionary May 10, 2018

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Someone tells a story and pulls out a banana phone and gets lost in bollyworld trying to find their dog.
Brian was sitting their like a step dog
by Time2smoke420 October 05, 2017

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khalisha is a narcissistic person who doesn't have any friends and gets into other peoples business. He or her will most likely never to find a partner in life due to her possessive character.
khalisha is a no life
via giphy
by cliche ha December 01, 2016

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