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Absolute idiot
Alan Kerr is an absolute idiot
by Alabama fire dragon April 29, 2019

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1. A total idiot, with the mental capacity of a duck
2. Someone who got hit in the nuts so hard they lost all feeling in their nuts
"Shut up numnuts."
by dadmenow December 01, 2017

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Someone that uses urban dictionary to define a word
The person reading this is an “Idiot”
by Xdcmhdwdyridlhjfkyrskytflhtf January 21, 2019

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Tamuka is a black nigger that most of the time has a small penis and thinks it’s big. He normally does gross things like poo his pants at school. He gets a c and d on every test and exam.
Girl: “show me your d
Tamuka: pulls it out, it’s tiny ha, Tamuka also poops his pants
Girl: runs away
by Jason sillyvester March 03, 2018

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Someone tells a story and pulls out a banana phone and gets lost in bollyworld trying to find their dog.
Brian was sitting their like a step dog
by Time2smoke420 October 05, 2017

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idiot someone who doesnt what sand is
are you a RoboPrincess
by DoeaFemaleDeer May 18, 2019

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