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Urban day hilter
Trump once again made a stupid decision
by Dark reality June 18, 2017

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A foolish man who has done something stupid
"Aadil you nounce, why did you freeze shut the thermos!"
by Sydney Grammar's Idiot September 17, 2018

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Someone who's very boring, obnoxious, low on IQ, or very repetitive.
"This 12 year old on Garry's Mod is being a total scr00b and it makes me but hurt."
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by \\J3RB0WS1N// October 25, 2017

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the true Scottish slang meaning of the word is Idiot.
"This jolly walloper tis a bit daft more than the others."
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by Cajin_Asian February 27, 2017

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Living excuse that money can't buy a good haircut
My dad has the Donald trump haircut
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by Oliviamaddog January 25, 2017

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A person with no sense .
a slow driver is an idiot.
by The spellerer April 06, 2017

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