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A crappy song and a crappy slogan used bye none other then jake paul himself, who got a 1.9 in high school no joke
Jake Paul: it's everyday bro
Filthy frank: it's time to stop
by I won't tell u my name lel August 10, 2017
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Someone who acts like a idiot like someone who's drunk
1.when he's drunk he looks like a complete wanker
2.you look like a wanker when you dance

3. Stop acting like a wanker
by le meilleur December 16, 2016
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khalisha is a narcissistic person who doesn't have any friends and gets into other peoples business. He or her will most likely never to find a partner in life due to her possessive character.
khalisha is a no life
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by cliche ha December 01, 2016
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Living excuse that money can't buy a good haircut
My dad has the Donald trump haircut
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by Oliviamaddog January 25, 2017
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A fucking idiot
he's a Burkett mate
by Wnemene s January 06, 2018
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1. A total idiot, with the mental capacity of a duck
2. Someone who got hit in the nuts so hard they lost all feeling in their nuts
"Shut up numnuts."
by dadmenow December 01, 2017
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Someone who constantly does stupid things, an idiot, one who lacks a large amount of common knowledge.
Why would you send Bill nudes, knowing he's a fuck boy; you're such a bubunato.

I told you to kiss him on the first date Jill, you're a total bubunato.
by ReeshaPeesha June 21, 2017
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