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Means to be no longer interested in a significant other. Or to have no interest in continuing the relationship.
Pretty girl named Kylie: "I'm so done Hunter"
by Yooyooyee October 01, 2016

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A individual who reacts and/or takes situations to seriously that initially are not that serious. A very unlikable person in general.
Why did you punch that guy over there, you were being such a Hunter.
by Realistically Realistic July 20, 2017

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The biggest douche ever to live. Usually hates niggers and his so called friends dated waverly
Hunter dated wave
by DEFINITIONGIVRR April 20, 2017

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A sad attempt at a manly, southern, rural name.
"Hey dad!" "F*uck you, Hunter."
by McBoogle January 15, 2018

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person who is very good a first person shooters such as call of duty
Yo this dude is a killa
by hood words October 31, 2017

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