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When your urban Dictionary word gets denied even though it’s “pure gold
They totally Cock Blocked! My Word was amazing!
by XxxxxxUr mom lolxxxx February 18, 2019

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A term said immediately after a sensitive or playfully hurtful joke in which the sender tries to convey that the joke was in good humour and not a serious insult.
You're the reason the gene pool needs a lifeguard, #NoOffendo
by Docter DH September 08, 2018

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The act of shaking your face in somebody’s balls like a hog in mud.
“Hey John what you do last Night”

“There was a huge party and Amy was hoggle bagging!”
by Aurjdj October 30, 2017

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The optimal amount of awesome
Isaac thinks Aubrey is the awesomestest person ever
by I-win-baby August 15, 2019

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