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ordin is and somewhat intelligent okay guy who is sometimes funny but has no taste of girls and his eyebrows split weird ordin will not get a girl cause he doesnt want to and no girls like him now maybe in the future but he is a good guy with horrible tast in food and friends
ordin is a good guy
by jjjjjjjjjccjjj September 07, 2017

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Nayla is a friendly human being. She will never be mad at you unless you throw a banana at her. She is an amazing friend to be around. She is always there to support you, and she will always listen to you no matter what. She is the complete polar opposite of talentless. She adores singing although her dancing needs a grande amount of practice. You wil never regret befriended a Nayla and you will want to keep her until the ends of time. Although she will always beat you during kareoke night, she is an exquisitely amazing friend
Human: Hey, i befriended a Nayla last night.
Other Human: Cool!! Is she nice?
Human: Definitely!! Finally another human listened to my struggles!!
by Alexander Ham and Swiss June 10, 2019

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Plants are organisms that farm humans, giving them oxygen until they eventually die and then they use the humans bodies as their food/fertilizer
Human 1: this plants looks beautiful
Human 2: I don't trust plants for some reason
by Mask of the Shadow February 16, 2017

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A goddess from another dimension that can create an unlimited amount of food using quantum physics.
Mom, can you make some spaghetti?
by LordBobby_Smartman September 03, 2018

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I don’t or never knew how to human
by That non-human May 03, 2018

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noun. Glorious, glorious, saggy ball, usually found with a twin, both holding genetic material required for fertilizing female eggs and between the legs of a human male.
verb. to beat the girthy rod of meat (called, by scientists, a penis) to the point of semen finding its way out of the male nutts. (can be achieved by beating it (o/i)n literally anything, including tables or various orifices on a female)
noun. I fondle my nutts sometimes.
verb. I've already nutt about 15 times in No-Nutt November.
by DickholeofJizzJuice April 20, 2018

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A human that is a human.
That person looks pretty pro!
by proheckydang February 25, 2019

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