Top Definition
a huge cock
Wow look at that tjaden
by fljasdofjlmjvs May 17, 2018

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huge you just added a D instead of a E
by Tordle May 03, 2018

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Kiderrius is an male that is easy to make friend he like girls with a cute face and a fat ass. Kiderrius is also known how have a Huge cock and known to make girls squirt
"Kiderrius has an HUGE D"
by Kiderrius January 28, 2018

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Shack has a 13 inch dick shack has the biggest dick I have ever seen.
Shack has a gigantic dick
by Shekeil June 11, 2018

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So huge it's beyond human comprehension
So I was watching this porn and this guys dick was Ginormuilus
by MrHydroise August 15, 2017

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Like tities but man titles
Bro, his mities are huge.
by Thefax69 November 05, 2018

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a group of women who are showing their boobs
thats a huge titblock over there so go on
by the big wiggle lolipop October 28, 2018

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