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It's national hug day, you just have to go hug someone special and tell them something nice!
hey bro come here it's April 22
by ijustwantahug April 18, 2019

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When you give someone an embracing hug while peeing on them through your clothes.
"George gave his wife a bum hug after a night of heavy drinking"
by Wvbmn May 29, 2017

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When a really hot chick hugs you it is called a huggie wuggie, and often leads to sexual intercourse. Never pass up a huggie wuggie unless you are an idiot that doesn't like to nail hot chicks. If you have never received a huggie wuggie then you are probably ugly.
Everyone loves to get a huggie wuggie because everyone loves nailing hot chicks.
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by BaconMastert November 22, 2016

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Accronym for Person I Would Like To Hug. Toned down version of PILF.

Especially implies for a celebrity who is just the sweetest person, or a character who just went though some crap.
Person 1:Oh my God, Mark Ruffalo is such a PILF.
Person 2: Nah, I see him more of a PILTH. Seems friendly.
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by Peeps20141 April 03, 2019

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