Top Definition

Very attractive

Not a f**k boy
Gets all the girls

Nice smile
Overall amazing
Girl 1: Brysens hot
Girl: I love his smile
by Hayy💙 July 25, 2016

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Another way to say a hottie but it only applies for girls . Only stupid people say this
“Dang Jerold look over there at that twatie”.
by I live alone with 3 cats February 08, 2018

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Danecia is a very bright beautiful loving person she isn’t selfish or mean she is loving and caring all Danecia’s are thick in some way she’s a boy magnet 🤯
Guy 1 : hey look at that hot girl over there

Guy 2 : that’s gotta be a danecia
by Tedddylover May 22, 2018

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He is a guy that you can never stop thinking about. You think about something else and the thought of him just works it's way into every thing you ever think about. He is the most good looking dude out there, and loves to play his video games. Freaky fast so he says and is the kindest of all people and accepts your awkwardness.
Emmett is a good lookin toad😂
by Happyasamuffin February 20, 2018

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a jamie is a beautiful girl and is a wannabe. she loves every guy she seeś and is not shy she will cheer you up and has brown or red hair! she is super fun
guy 1: did you see amy she is such a jamie
guy 2: right!!!
by your awesome jenica January 11, 2018

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Shaeleina is a beautiful girl. She is very shy , she doesn't talk much . she hides her feelings w/ a simple smile , she looks even more beautiful w/her nails done fingers & Toes , but she's more like a tomboy ,in a good way and likes to wear shoes allot. She's very fit and likes to play basketball or Football maybe Rugby too . Shae is just so cute when she mad, in fact she is just so adorable when she tears. She can cook some good food. Shae likes boy's who have a sense of humor, and that are very loyal . she doesn't care about what he looks like. Shae is a very strong girl (mentally). Shae is kinda suicidal at times but doesn't do it cause of love , shae is so kind-hearted that she would do anything just so her family/or friends wouldn't get hurt or broken hearted.she always thinks of others , she likes to read books ,maybe sing in the shower , and is a dancer .
Shaeleina is beautiful
by ALPHA250 September 04, 2017

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