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A sexy mother fucker, fuckable,
Mannnnnn Karen is hot as
by Chicken nuggetsssssss March 12, 2017
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Someone who is beautiful, but thinks low of herself. She has beautiful eyes and everything. Every guy wants her, but she likes a variety of guys so she goes out with many. Usually, a girl that changes her hair colour a lot, but not fake. She's very pretty and doesn't like fake people.
Wow, Summah is so hot.
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by awesomenesslover August 20, 2017
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Hot blonde lesbians who typically like guys named Johnny. There also successful in most things... except chemistry.
You’re an AnaSage
by MixtapeNazi February 09, 2018
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A name that is usually given to people with unreal intelligence, huge amount of skill and is a sexy beast.
Damn, the guy is a Ahmed.
by fatguybobby May 30, 2017
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Omg. HISH!!!
Shhhh he is coming
by Camonater13 May 05, 2017
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Isaac a well rounded athlete, good looking, usually a fairly loyal guy. Sometimes looking st a Isaac will make you melt. Isaacs usually have shit attitudes though.
Hey what's hotter than the sun?

by Beastmode723 October 06, 2017
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He’s hot af in a weird way if you ask me. His songs are dope as shit. Especially “Love Scars” or “Poles 1469”. He’s laugh is the cutest thing ever. He’s 18 ;and sadly too old for me to date but it’s all Gucci. Cause he got a girlfriend and she’s really pretty so it wouldn’t happen anyways I wish it would though.
Trippie Redd is hot and needs to make a song with YBN.
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by Fuck it I’m done February 03, 2018
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