#hook up

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This describes the use of online sites to hook up an affair.
Ben Dover was often online trolling for lovers, bone app a cheat!
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by I, Wreckerrr February 06, 2017

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Harrisburg word for “the hook up wit a person To make a couple” oopers are ppl that will throw the oop for u
Yo Sam throw da oop wit me and Jasmine

Did u get da oop I threw u?
by Holupshyy February 05, 2018

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means let me make you cum
Text: daddy LMMYC
by qscft June 09, 2018

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national hookup with your crush day. ask your crush to hookup on this day but don’t worry because it’s july 29
henry asked me to hookup on july 29...so everyone is right he does like me OMG
by sexyskatergirl911 April 19, 2019

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Someone who gets with a girl out of their league once. Now they think they can get with any girl they see. It tends to break confidence when they have a One Shot. Soon they start getting rejected by every girl they ask.
Ben had such a One Shot with Amy. No other girl will get with him.
by Cashhomie42 June 17, 2018

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