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A place where white girls claim they're ghetto
"My days back in Zone 6 were hard my man, I'm here now living the dream we rich now I got the Starbucks and everything"
by Buck teeth booth July 19, 2017

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Having the qualities of, or similar to the "Hood".
That house looks a little Hood-ish.
by SBeth78 March 30, 2017

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An expedition for white people who will swim with sharks, climb Mt. Everest ,explore active volcanoes...but are too afraid to go to the hood for a good barbecue
"Man these white folks could use a hood safari! Way too many of them pretending to be scared of brothas out here!"
by StevieDiamond March 18, 2017

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The act of robbing someone of all the contents in their pockets such as phone, wallet, any jewlwery, etc.
"Aye homie run pockets" or "he did what? Nah we gotta run his pockets"
by Budoze101 October 25, 2017

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Similar to the trap, is where all the action happens. It’s dangerous but exciting. However if you are in the wrong place from the wrong place could turn deadly.
Yo dawg I just saw the homie when I was driving through the hood the other night.
by BigPimppin6906 November 27, 2017

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HOOD is not fun! HOOD quite scary! Don't go playin there! They ain't gon like you! White people BEWARE!!!!! BLACK PEOPLE COME HERE!!
Guy1: Man i was in the HOOD yesterday and I almost got shot!!
Guy2: Man what did i tell you! Stay outta there! White guys don't belong there!
Guy from the hood: He right man! You don't belong there!
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by The correct defintion August 14, 2017

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Step your game up! You're slacking in various ways.
Friend 1: Man, what are you doing?! Step your clout up.

Friend 2: Man, I got robbed, I'm usually stuntin' on em.
by JustinBieber August 30, 2017

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