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A place where white girls claim they're ghetto
"My days back in Zone 6 were hard my man, I'm here now living the dream we rich now I got the Starbucks and everything"
by Buck teeth booth July 19, 2017

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The 74th book of the Bible. Contains proverbs as to how a nigga can survive in the 21 century. Was made into a movie called “Straight Out’a Compton”.
“If she let her phone die, she playin. Bitches don’t let their phones die.”
-Niggalations 4:20
by TheDayoOfDeepFry September 10, 2018

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the life when you live in the hood and you gotta kill yo' nigga cause its for tha nigga life
tyrone: my nigga why you shot me i aint no crip you fool
jerome :nigga it was for the nigga life its just the life in the hood you knowhatimsayin?
by NotTobuscus1 November 03, 2018

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The act of robbing someone of all the contents in their pockets such as phone, wallet, any jewlwery, etc.
"Aye homie run pockets" or "he did what? Nah we gotta run his pockets"
by Budoze101 October 25, 2017

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An expedition for white people who will swim with sharks, climb Mt. Everest ,explore active volcanoes...but are too afraid to go to the hood for a good barbecue
"Man these white folks could use a hood safari! Way too many of them pretending to be scared of brothas out here!"
by StevieDiamond March 18, 2017

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Hill Street culpeper va.
A neighborhood of trash.
Nothing but spanish Gangs, Drunks, pedophiles, Crazys and Tweakers live there.
Theres a paramedic just about twice every week on that street.
There always a cop dealing with a Drunk or some fight between the neighbors.
Its Hood.

One of the fewer places you can claim ghetto in Culpeper.
Dont go there unless you want to get yelled at by some crazy fucks or chased off with a needle.
It isnt pleasant.
Its dirty and the streets are always live people flow through it all day long looking for the fix and just getting there fix.
Spanish people even have chickens running around in the streets and fight them in there back yard.
Hill street is wild and unless you want to get in trouble stay the fuck away.
Hillstreet ghetto trash hood
Daquan: "Yo u finna cum thru n kick it n hill street cuz?"
Lester: "Daaaamn G u tryna get me n trouble"
Daquan: "Nah cuz I keep da low profile ya dig no worrys"
Lester: "fuck it. U got trees?"
by Hill street February 23, 2019

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Step your game up! You're slacking in various ways.
Friend 1: Man, what are you doing?! Step your clout up.

Friend 2: Man, I got robbed, I'm usually stuntin' on em.
by JustinBieber August 30, 2017

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