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Thomas Forrester is a very jealous person. He often eats pizza all by himself and won't share a single slice. Thomas is a very posh person who is slightly or sometimes fully homosexual. He really likes to make homosexual jokes. Overall Thomas Forrester is a very VERY unique human being.
Thomas Forrester is a unique human being.
by ILoveFoz September 03, 2017

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A raging homosexual, who likes to cop multiple penises in the oral cavity.
"William blew a whole bunch of dudes yesterday."

"Fuck me what a Jurgs."
by Squat-timus Prime July 06, 2017

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A little virgin that wants to fuck Alice sponge
“You know that Ryan Gainer kid?”

“The one who dated Ana reifeld for 1 year?”
“Yea, he likes dicks up his ass”
by Llard2clutch January 01, 2018

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superbly homosexual
Jason was such a gayasstillytipper but it was fun
by dickhandlerdickthe boiiiiiiiii October 30, 2017

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He is the ultimate dabbing cringe lord. He has a YouTube channel full of dead memes and any sort of exposure to it can cause cancer. He is most likely a homosexual.
Damn. Johnny Ray needs to save some pussy for the rest of us.
by LogangLove May 08, 2018

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A last name for someone who likes giant black dicks in his ass and looks like a fat rat that has had too much cheese.
Hey, look at that homo sexual Ethan Hopkins sitting next to Tyrone.
by Yourbuddillonharpwr May 12, 2017

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Micko; also known as "Kramer the clown"
Often found at gay hangout spots such as cucumber alley.
Operates a tiny little cat excavator.
Is open about his love for cock.

Leaves work at 3:30 every day, by asking at 3:20 "is there anything else you need me to do?"
"geez mate! You love the cock as much as micko!"
by Captain arrogant August 10, 2017

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