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A homosexual man who has no life.
Jay: Hey mate i like how big that wang is
Mark: Get the fuck away from me you wagwad!
by Pananymoose December 11, 2017

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Usually said after a statement that could be interpreted as homosexual.
Nice Ass boi, no homo.
by DieNHel August 08, 2018

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the worst kind of people in the world. they think the gays are bad like.. really the gays are great if you ask me
my dad i such a homophobe towards me.
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by _.je.taime.trop._ June 30, 2018

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Commonly known as a blowjob, this slang term is used by 6 year olds who think Jeffy is funny.
"dad, give me pee pee suck!" Jeffy said.
" Son... I'll beat the living hell out of you if you say that again." His dad replied.
by G1223456789 July 11, 2018

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veronica is muy funny but she stubs her toe too much and she is gaye
veronica is a fucking bitch
by sorzell March 30, 2019

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A gay kid
You are Matan Ezer
by NipplesRplastic February 12, 2018

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A guy named Tyler that is a homosexual and is very open with his gaynes!!
Most guys named Tyler are flamers
by Braden bought February 05, 2018

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