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When one is stoned out their mind and they need to sleep it off and they claim someone else's property while the original home owner is still living on the property.
Home owner: Would you please leave my house?

Stoned person: Nuh uh, I copped it!

Home owner: Wrong house homie! Gotta leave!

Stoned person: Nuhhhh uhhh I copped the house!
by cargilb May 04, 2018

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That's your homie, close friend
#bestfriend #homie #Friend #mydawg
Who is that? That's my dawg my ride or die
by Loverr😘 October 22, 2017

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1. my god
2. my guy
1. mg you’re so annoying!
2. how’s it going mg?
by sunny sonny August 21, 2018

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When you deliver a sexual act on your homie but it is not homosexual
Hey did you hear tim is homiesexual
by Eye in da sky July 24, 2018

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Homeleg is a term to call someone your not fond of, but you are somehow friends with, and it is often used with gangster speak.
"Yo Homeleg, shut up!"
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by Homieleg April 17, 2017

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A person who loves his or her homie
Homey: not about that gay shit
Him: I’m not homosexual I’m homiesexual
by Suckmytwat69 October 24, 2018

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someone who isnt a dick
hey there... friend.
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by trebored January 15, 2018

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