#home wrecker

Top Definition
A person who is responsible for the break up of a usually big or happy family, usually homewreckers have affairs with an others wife or husband.
Nicole is such a homewrecker, she's the reason my parents got divorced.
by bubblicious December 23, 2016

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A female who's goal in life is pursuing men in relationships, with the purpose of making them leave their significant other. These females usually have low self esteem and no morals. These whores usually never recieved any love from their own mother so they seek revenge on other females by stealing their man.
TANNICA SLANKARD was a homewrecker, she loves seducing married men.
by Revenge4Brokenpromises July 21, 2018

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A form of deceptive homewrecker
That boy is such a Crida!
by TALuckduck April 18, 2018

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