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Homeschool if done right, and 9 times out of 10 it is done right, is undoubtedly superior to the Public Education System. Homeschoolers actually gain an education, don't have to worry about drugs, peer pressure, suicide as a result of the peer pressure, or their schools getting shot up and everyone dies as a result. Contrary to what ANYONE in a public school hears, homeschoolers actually are extremely friendly and can make friends quiet easily. They also work extremely hard on all of their classes and homework so that they don't have to unnecessarily waste the rest of their day at school, which is actually what homeschoolers are doing every day. They aren't sitting at home eating ice cream and playing Mario Cart all day. They're actually well educated, polite, self aware, have good relationships with their parents and siblings, and know how to learn. They also tend to have high standards, so yeah, you Public Schoolers are indeed lower in every way. Because you do in fact, have a worse life than Homeschoolers. Not an insult. Just a fact. You do. Please feel jealous.
I heard that Jim is Homeschooled! No wonder his life is better than mine! Damn!
by I'm NOT Bowsir!!! November 02, 2016

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