When you're mid sentence talking to a mate and your about to call them a hoe but you realise a parent or teacher is next to you so you drag out the word to make "hose pipe"
Person 1: I was at the club last night mate

Person 2: you're such a ho..hoes pipe
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by chickendippersinmeass July 22, 2016

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Is a girl who is in love with food (like most girls ) she is secertly a hoe or wants everyone to think she is , she is extremly goofy and gets in trouble sometimes she has this crazy girl look in her eyes
Omg Gabi is so crazy did you see what she did at that party last night
by Superwomen128 August 26, 2017

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A person who fucks their cousin.
"Are you a Payce?"
"Ew no that's nasty!"
by frenchfrysweetpotato June 28, 2016

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A horrible youtuber that is a HOE and is very ugly but he thinks he is cute.
Eww he must be a Coleton.
by Bigiies February 09, 2018

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A dusty built body Benjamin built bitchhhh
Why she built like melatonin?

Girl because shes a dannielle
by DaddyLongDixk July 10, 2018

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hoe #1
You're my chlk <3
by zovzaye May 27, 2017

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A bitch who thinks she has hoes but really, shes everyone elses hoe
Damn bro i think your a sidecris :/
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by Bigtittyadj February 15, 2017

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