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A slang term used to say side hoe getting to close to telling ur main.
Friend:see that fine chick right there

Me:Nah that one hoe is a sitaduck
by First name.Last name March 11, 2018

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A thirsty ass hOe that needs hOly water
Omg Shalisha is such an h2h°e!!! Did u see that, she’s dehydrated and flirting with that guy!!
by it’smejessiandari October 21, 2018

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Is a girl who is in love with food (like most girls ) she is secertly a hoe or wants everyone to think she is , she is extremly goofy and gets in trouble sometimes she has this crazy girl look in her eyes
Omg Gabi is so crazy did you see what she did at that party last night
by Superwomen128 August 26, 2017

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What You Become When You Successfully Convert A Hoe To Be Your wife
Mush: Hey Yo! Who is Kanye To Kim?
Maurys: He is Her Hoesband.
by Maurys Gaucho June 29, 2017

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A hoe that steals your man.
She keeps a collection.
She likes emo’s .
Especially with blonde hair .
Social emo with depression.
Remember she will steal your man and do long shore drift without strepcil’s.
CJ (hint hint)
She has a fetish for curvy jars

She got an std from physics
She’s a juwariah
Watch out she’s a juwariah .
via giphy
by Caleb me guacamole May 13, 2018

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Giant hoe/douche
Omg Look at that hoe its Saberina
by LMAOGIRL2578 January 17, 2018

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Darwin being a hoe
Darwin sent me knee porn
by nevermindvd January 07, 2017

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