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Melissa is a hoe.
by Sebas6273 April 17, 2017
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He got hella bodies
Romone - “I got hella bodies”
by Nigga2344 July 19, 2017
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A thot is a acronym for that hoe over there. People call girls thots when either the girl sent inappropriate pictures of herself online. Or when a girl dates too many boys
She dates too many boys that's why she is a THOT.

She sent me nudes. That means she is a THOT
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by aristyles July 03, 2017
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a little bitch , brat and tries to be friends with people who are popular to look cool
Nineth is desperate for her best friend's boyfriend
by yeahhoiii March 31, 2017
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Darwin being a hoe
Darwin sent me knee porn
by nevermindvd January 07, 2017
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A bitch who can't keep her hands of any guy. Will most likely cheat on you if you date her.
Mariah is such a bitch.
by Geeeehiiiu February 18, 2017
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She is usually a hoe, likes to hoe drop everywhere
Guy- hey is that haille?
Guy2- yea i heard she likes to drop it low
by Iknkinsdhgoeishbg December 22, 2017
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