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A pretentious spelling of the word "Hockey." Used by someone attempting to impress others by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.
"Jeari said he is going to watch hawkey tonight."
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by Hockeyfan October 02, 2017

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Ball Hockey. Can be played on the street or a wide variety of surfaces using a ball rather than a puck
"Hey man you want to go play some bockey at my house today? It's so nice outside."
by Giroux28 May 01, 2017

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A person who is terrible at hockey
Caleb you are a siiter at hockey
by Siitertree March 08, 2017

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When your significant other prevents you from playing hockey.
Hey Kyle, are you playing hockey tonight?
No man, I'm getting hock blocked, the Misses wants me to stay home and watch Netflix.
by JCanada February 15, 2018

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When players play in Russian in the KHL word is that the teams over there give the players an IV of an unknown substance between periods that makes you feel great and play better.
Ovi was off the Russian gas when he won the cup.
by donnie_hayes June 20, 2018

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What the Islanders wore on their jerseys in the 90's
Jesus Christ those jerseys are horrible, who the hell puts the Gorton's Fisherman on a fucking jersey
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by Nickity Nuckity June 07, 2018

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A retaraded person who name came from cosmo
Who is that

It's chivsen
by Midgetdude October 27, 2016

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