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that sexist and racist ass bitch that only likes greek people and female. she's probably hitler but she likes greeks, not blonde humans. she probably rapes little kids for pleasure
dang we have lymberatos next
you mean hell?
by Ssnnoott November 16, 2017
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420 and 69 combined.
Noun. The act of doing 69 while blazing it, or having 69 on 4/20
Dude 1: did you hear about that lucky dude
Dude 2: Yeah. I heard he had 489 last night
Dude 3: HEll yeah bro
by The Dank Lettuce June 02, 2017
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The shoving of a small dike in to his math teacher.
Dean shoved his ass clant in mrs.close ass hole.
by Hit me September 23, 2017
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A group of Superior people who did absolutely nothing wrong. Lead by the greatest man in the world,hitler, he was so good because he could reck you in any 1v1 rust mw2 m8. He also killed six million mistakes.
Hail nazi
by I_drive_a_van August 31, 2016
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When Gasper Vidmar goes off the court during a game everything in the world goes wrong
No hitler was reborn it must be the Vidmar effect.
by Nisemhotijebac September 14, 2017
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