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The definition of a hipster is that they are nit and do not like mainstream things. But since hipsters are now mainstream, then they must like mainstream things.
Fuck you you dirty hypocritical cretin, using the hipster paradox.
by TheMzigGmer November 28, 2016

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Phrase uttered when encountering an unexpected hipster sighting in the wild. Can also be used to poke fun at a friend who just inadvertently said something hipster.
"There's something deeply noble about growing your own vegetables."

"Hipster alert!"
by parallel_master June 13, 2018

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A guy who is Hipster trash. This term can be used to describe a young suburban teen who decides to transition into a hipster art kid over night. Probably has rich parents and is a fine arts major with no inherent artistic talent.
Friend: I have this smol bean in my painting class.

Me: oh that kid who paints his nails and makes really shitty conceptual art?

Friend: Yeah for his final project he submitted a video of him cutting a blank canvas in half. what a weirdo.
by mrflop January 08, 2019

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A person who fights the conformists of the past by conforming to the present.
Person 1: "If you like Bob Dylan you should check out my band. I sound exactly like him!"
Person 2: "Are you also protesting Vietnam?"
Person 1: "Yeah dude."
Person 2: "You're such a hipster."
by Lazarus79 December 14, 2018

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A muslim hipster.

The term originated in 2012 with a small group of friends in New York who jokingly called themselves Muslim hipsters. Though they hesitated to form an official group -- " hipster rule number one: never self-identify as a hipster" -- Mipsterz quickly evolved into an online community, and the group has garnered international attention. - CNN dot com, quote.
That mipster's hijab was gorgeous coupled with her princess collar croptop.

Aahil was undoubtedly handsome. The well groomed beard, the curve of his hair, everything, even down to his suspenders and ankle boots screamed " mipster".
by fxcail October 02, 2017

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A dumb or silly child/teenager who thinks they're cool when they're really not
A hipster just said hi to me today, he sounded dumb
by Raysomcgy May 26, 2018

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Someone who's such a huge hipster you don't know if they're on trend or just trying way too hard.
I've seen my share of hipsters, but that dude is a hipsterpotamus. Not sure if I'm sad or impressed.
by Ramhunter47 September 21, 2017

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