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A school full of twinks snobs and alot of rich kids that hate anyone who is Republican
Wow that kid just cut me off in their BMW dam Homestead Highschool kids
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by Dank Ducko May 30, 2018

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Just your average high school with a bunch of bullies, “cool kids”, cry babies, and kids trying to be funny by being super edgy. Whatever group you don’t think you fall into you probably fall into the most and if you think this high school is at all different just look at how many whites and Mexicans there are compared to blacks
Jefferson is just like butler highschool both high schools are average as all hell
by Joseph Fatone March 13, 2018

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A school at NC where its full pf snake ass people and wannabe potheads also home of the big gays, full of liberals and full of fuckbois like everyone knows that fuckboi mega artsy there's cool people tho but full of snakes its the best school in Winston fuck Reagan bitchass
Did you hear bout the nigga that got locked up he went to R.J. Reynolds high school
by Bitchass twat June 10, 2018

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Short for Arts Academy At Benjamin Rush, a performing arts high school in Philly.
"I''m so auditioning for aabr next year dude."
by kindaouttaluck December 06, 2016

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