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a high school filled half way of nerd and the other half of whores. this school will wreck your GPA!! and the boys will break your heart over and over again... p.s. they're all ugly assholes, but that's none of my business!!!
oh you go to mast@fiu? i heard everyone there's gay
by thebadbitch! February 15, 2019

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Your typical Arizona School, lotto sluts lotto druggs
Yo Horizon High School is so wack, they got hoes addicted to white chalk
by Ucanthankmel8r January 10, 2019

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literal HELL, even tho it’s the best high school in pasco county. mitchell consists of fuckboys, gangs, drug dealers, and hoes who basically think they run the school
hey have you heard of mitchell high school? it’s supposed to be good, but wasn’t there a big arrest yesterday?
by yiannipappas October 21, 2018

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One of the three public high schools located in Rochester, Minnesota. Known for it's meme culture and "GOFA", a fundraiser put on every year where the students raise an absurd amount of money in two weeks. Best school spirit out of all the HS in Rochester, football games are insane. Labled as the half ghetto, half pretentious school, as the students range from dirt poor to surgeon's kids. Rivalry against the other two high schools, Century and John Marshall are strong.
Person 1: Did someone from Mayo High School just donate $2000 towards GOFA?
Person 2: Yeah, the usual..
by yungkid\ May 27, 2018

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A high school located in New Jersey (which is already bad enough) which population consists of morons, cringey freshman, and stoners. The teachers and staff are oblivious to obvious problems within the school and don't give enough of a fuck to fix them. Whenevrt anyone talks shit about anyone nobody does anything. Students there just say they'll do something but they're too tired or stoned to care. As a result, many students show up stoned.
Oh you went to Florence township high school? Isn't that the school that smells like weed?
by Wezelesworth August 21, 2018

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To shower with the burdens of high-school life.
“K bye I’ll ttyl imma go shower now”
“Don’t drown”
“Oh now that you mention it Imma go ahead and drown”
by Gnaw_ydna March 31, 2019

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A rich snobby kid high school that pelts other schools with batteries inside marshmallows during home games.
Me: “hey are you going to the game tonight?”

Them: “no, it’s at Highland Park HS remember?”
Me: “oh yeah, better not go, i dont want to end up in the hospital!”
by keishaiamaiaomana November 16, 2018

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