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to be lost in the person you love. to feel amazing and get lost when your together. to be additive to him/her like a drug. you cant live without.
"I miss getting high off you."
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by WrydB January 07, 2017

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In school she's known as the quiet shy girl but theres more to her than that once you get to know her she doesn't shut up and she will say alot of stupid stuff but it's funny she may have her sad moments if your her best friend you know what I mean. She loves to make people happy if you ever get the chance to date her or be her Best friend never let her go. Don't get on her bad side you'll get fucked up. Loves to get high and drunk and do thinks she'll reget but also no regrets.
Jazlyn loves to get high
by Magic high🍄 November 25, 2018

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A level of high that the smoker believes that even the act of breathing is funny, but to everyone else that isn't high is the most annoying thing ever, and is driven to the point of leaving the room just to avoid you.
woooow Sarah you're toasty
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by Pattybasc May 08, 2018

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The state of being gassed up, achieving a higher state of being existing on a different state of being, lifted down to every subatomic particle In the fiber of your being, making you the highest multi cell organism in the entire stretch expansion we call the universe.
Brudda 1

“Brudda i just rolled up 90 blunts of that gas an smoked it through a funnel into my nose , this shit got me bleedin out my eyes right now son”

Brudda 2

“Damn fam you must be high dan a kudawhah right now jack”

Brudda 1

On Jesus
by King kudawhah March 09, 2018

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The point of being so high that you can no longer function. Everything you say makes no sense and you can’t even describe what is going through your head.
Roger was high as carrots last night, nobody knew what he was saying.
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by Fowlage November 14, 2017

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When a human or animal isn't high but looks like they are.
"Dude I think Marcos is high!"
"Nah he's just dorito faced; he'd never get high."
by IGotHoesForDays February 11, 2017

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When you get high off a sharpie, first asking yourself the question "How many sniffs does it take to get high off a sharpie?"
"How many sniffs does it take to get high off a sharpie?"

"wow, you're sharphigh!"
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by dadmenow December 07, 2017

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