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to be lost in the person you love. to feel amazing and get lost when your together. to be additive to him/her like a drug. you cant live without.
"I miss getting high off you."
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by WrydB January 07, 2017

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A level of high that the smoker believes that even the act of breathing is funny, but to everyone else that isn't high is the most annoying thing ever, and is driven to the point of leaving the room just to avoid you.
woooow Sarah you're toasty
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by Pattybasc May 08, 2018

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Very fucked up.
High or drunk maybe when they shouldnt be.
Jeesus Dave! You are bruted
I’m so fucking bruted right now
by HankKell February 10, 2019

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A feeling similar to a cocaine high. Tightly correlated to sexual arousal.
Smelling my gfs clothes give me a love high
by CosmicHedgehog June 12, 2018

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When you get high off a sharpie, first asking yourself the question "How many sniffs does it take to get high off a sharpie?"
"How many sniffs does it take to get high off a sharpie?"

"wow, you're sharphigh!"
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by dadmenow December 07, 2017

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Short for "high" and it's way easier to spell out and your parents won't know if your talking about being "high asf"
"Bro I'm so hi rn"
by Yesman82626 April 06, 2017

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The drugs made me really high
Went clubbing last night it was awesome le goudis m'a bouste !
by Urbantouch April 19, 2018

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