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The greeting word you use when some has said "hey" but you don't want to say the same word so you say "hi" instead
a person you know: hey
you: *types hey* *then realizes that they've already said that* *slight panic* *erases hey from vocabulary* *thinks for 2 seconds* *plays it cool by typing "hi"* *waits couple minutes to send* *sends text* *thinks crisis is averted but knows that this will only keep happening* *cries inside* *question life choices* *walks out of room and talks to people* *act as if you good when really you know this dilemma could've gotten you killed* *sip drink*
by Wild Owls Sienna August 08, 2016
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Alfie is the guy who will make you laugh no matter what, he may seem dumb but he's not, he cares...but you will fall for him and he will play you over and over again so watch out for an Alfie up ahead.
I fell for an Alfie.
by nweoifhqrjf December 14, 2017
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A female dog
A female dog is called a bitch
by Alexpop March 28, 2017
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karan meaning king

Pal meaning freind or mate
Karanpal is a king and a nice person
Hey is that a karanpal
by Hello this is a perosn February 26, 2017
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She is a hoe and has no ass
And sucks small dick
Cathline is a hoe
by John duh November 21, 2016
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Contared more than retarded used by people named crazy chicken and not knowed by contared people named Daniel benders
Your contared as shit
by Kdjdjxmxm July 05, 2017
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