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Ubisoft's last cry of hope. Farcry 5 is a different version of the once proud franchise known as Farcry.
I want to spent my life's savings on Farcry 5.
by \_(0-0)_/ May 20, 2018

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A phrase you search on the urban dictionary after reading too many definitions that you didn’t want to know
“Wtf did I just read”

“Please help”
by fish is in hell January 27, 2019

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when you are on your period ( this applies to men too ) and you squat-shit on ya poop bowl, ya vagaynus makes an appearance
christina: help my vagaynus is expanding
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by vagaynus enthusiast July 09, 2018

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If you see her run. this girl will not only kill you, but force your soul to hell. she wont take no for an answer and will just ... be careful. VERY CAREFUL

also fucks dogs
by GOOP999 April 01, 2019

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That female scares me. Like, what the hell does she want form me?
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by isoTopher May 11, 2017

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something of mine that I lost long time ago
Like many other things, souls have been used as Undertale references and now become corrupt due to the toxic fandom
by oh dear, I'm nothing to you. November 06, 2017

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A very angry president man living in a white house house
"Jeffurson is out of control in the white house"
by Iwishdeathuponallmirrors May 13, 2017

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