Hoi is another, more energetic way of saying hi or hello. This saying was popularised by Undertale.
Person One: Hoi!
Person Two: Hello to you too.
by SirLovesPikachu July 17, 2016

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Mya is a kind hearted pretty girl. She usually gets all the boys but when she likes them she really shows it. She is usually average height with dark blonde hair. Her eyes you could get lost in for hours. She is a great friend but can be a bit crazy at times. She will often have doubts about her look but is really pretty. Although she can get a bit moody she does care about you. She loves her best friends.
Boy:that's mya
Boy 2: she is cute
Boy: I know
Girl: she is my best friend
Boy: can you hook me up
Boy 2: no hook me up
by Hello2456 December 26, 2017

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stop it
please dont make despacito 69 just dont
via giphy
by ur mom still gay October 02, 2018

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girls like to have sex with him all the time
fuck me good collin
by garnercollin February 27, 2017

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Is a greeting used in place of hello.

Simple folk don't usually know this term because it originate from the people of high society.
"why sefiew"
"sefiew there"
by ijhiaskl May 03, 2018

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A nilmoo is someone who interrupts you while you're doing something important. Nilmoos don't mean to be rude, they are just desperate for your attention, so give it to them. We love you nilmoos!!
Person 1: "Dude, what a nilmoo."
Person 2: "Hey don't be rude, they just need attention."
by DERPEEDERP September 28, 2017

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