a very offensive curse word
What the hello
via giphy
by i am multi coloured January 15, 2017

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A much more sophisticated and cooler way to say hello
Hejo person I have never met! How are you?
by PaperLuigi34 May 23, 2017

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You use this when someone says something that is dumb or does not make sense.
Friend: I think I want to buy another car
Me: uhh hello?
by planetzm June 17, 2018

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to get someone's attention
So, what do you think about this?
*wait for a minute*
*if no response, you have lost them"
by aaaay January 25, 2018

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girls love him wants to have sex all the time huge dick
by clarkg098@gmail.com February 27, 2017

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He is the sexiest guy ever and hoes love him he gets all the pussy and has a mega dick he is a sex god that will leave you unable to stand for weeks he is super loyal
Tobin means the sex god
by Flabby boyooo February 10, 2018

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