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a very offensive curse word
What the hello
via giphy
by i am multi coloured January 15, 2017

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A much more sophisticated and cooler way to say hello
Hejo person I have never met! How are you?
by PaperLuigi34 May 23, 2017

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'hello" to a small group of people
zucklefer to all, here todat
by zuck_sel July 24, 2018

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Greeting Somebody you really want to see ever in your life ever.
Will:Hello Gannon (What a dumbass)
Gannon: Hello there (I hate this guy so much)
by 69GayGuy69 February 15, 2018

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A very awesome person you should be friends with.
Everyone needs a KayLee.
by Myfavoritedogsarehuskies December 20, 2018

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someone you hate because they are always complaining and they always wanna die
Giacomo would be I wanna die because of lulu
by LGHTB May 17, 2019

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the most sexy relationship in the world that is full of sex and no feeling, pure animal attraction.
i want to dramaira
by iytuytjmidiuturgbeyh March 11, 2019

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