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animal jam is a complete hell hole in which the creators couldn't give two shits about which is sad because its the game i grew up with and i watched it turn into this but i still play it because there's a part of me that still loves it
by saltyajhipster July 19, 2017

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The person that brings us to hell
Omg here comes the bus driver again time to go to hell
by mj236950 February 28, 2017

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a school full of preppy, edgy, and gay kids. there is no in between. full of psychotic teachers who talk about shooting horses and teachers who think they're special for giving obnoxious kids the attention they want. pray your teacher doesn't get pregnant, because you will get a sub that doesn't even try to teach. unless it's a science teacher. mrs jones is just as terrible, but she's so sweet and actually cares about your feelings and will let you cry in the supply closet with oreos if needed.
riverwood middle school is the worst school ever.
via giphy
by wotintarnation666 March 06, 2017

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Another form of saying "WANNA FUCK"
Want the big zuck
Hell ya
by Big goof/mistake June 12, 2018

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a place that is hell. they put toliets in the juul rooms. everybody’s high or just flat out rude and annoying.
ola high school fucking sucks bro
by fackboi2000 December 13, 2018

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me: there's my hell!
by kikari hitachiin September 22, 2016

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A bitch who cheats on your friend and is a player. He apperars hot and funny to mess with your mind but he really is a jerk
He just cheated on you? Wow hes one hell of a Corban!
by IM NoT TELINH January 11, 2018

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