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To suck on a man's dick until they cum.
I got caught giving head to a guy at school.
by Sally slay November 27, 2016

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A person who is very experienced at giving oral sex and as they bob their head as they suck they enjoy it so much they almost seem like a monster that gobbles it up.
That girl can sure give good head. She went at it like she was going to devour me. Now that's what I call a bobbgoblin.
by Citychick213 December 15, 2016

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The spot between your balls and asshole
Man she was giving me head and she licked my jungle bridge
by filthy$$gangster April 01, 2017

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Oral sex performed on a dirty penis. May be dirty from poor hygiene or from post coital activities like anal sex.
I pulled out her ass and gave her a butter bob.

I got a butter bob from that homeless guy. I can’t get the taste out of my mouth.
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by Ben Dribblin February 04, 2018

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An individual with braces that does a really bad job at giving head.

May also apply to someone with sharp, snaggled teeth.
I can wait for Sonja to get her braces off. Finally she won’t be a dick chipper. That shit hurts.

My uncle is a dick chipper. His teeth are too sharp.
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by Ben Dribblin December 05, 2017

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A male or female that is completely inept at giving head.
Connie is a mangle mouth. Can’t suck a dick for shit.
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by Ben Dribblin November 10, 2017

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When a human of the female persuasion provides fellatio on a human of the male persuasion without kissing/ providing mouth to mouth stimulation.
josh: yeah bruh, that dome be fire b
yago: damn, you got with her too?
josh: nah fam, I just 'nessed a rodstein
by Ramen267 January 18, 2017

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