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To suck on a man's dick until they cum.
I got caught giving head to a guy at school.
by Sally slay November 27, 2016

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When a guy performs oral sex on a female until she cums on his face. There is a very distinct difference between guys who give head and guys who swim. Men who go swimmin truly enjoy it and eagerly look forward to their facials. Get you a man who can swim and don't let him go...wrap your legs around his neck instead.
Swimmin is a popular exercise and may soon become a spectator sport
by Sierra Jade 17 March 22, 2017

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The spot between your balls and asshole
Man she was giving me head and she licked my jungle bridge
by filthy$$gangster April 01, 2017

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When you give your partner head and their orgasm is so strong, they are temporarily unable to see straight.
I was eating my girls ass out while rubbing her pussy and she came so hard she couldn’t see for over a minute . She was so happy she said, “damn babe, that was that lasik head”.
by DonMarie October 29, 2017

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A person who is very experienced at giving oral sex and as they bob their head as they suck they enjoy it so much they almost seem like a monster that gobbles it up.
That girl can sure give good head. She went at it like she was going to devour me. Now that's what I call a bobbgoblin.
by Citychick213 December 15, 2016

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Often confused for the delicious Tropicana grapefruit juice, a Ruby Breakfast is giving or receiving sexual pleasure in the morning, referring to the red coloring of either male or female genitalia. Ruby Breakfast is the morning version of Afternoon Delight.
Hey! Did you remember to drink your Ruby Breakfast this morning?

Nah, not this morning. I got my Ruby Breakfast at the crack of dawn this morning.
by food_lover12345 November 23, 2016

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When a human of the female persuasion provides fellatio on a human of the male persuasion without kissing/ providing mouth to mouth stimulation.
josh: yeah bruh, that dome be fire b
yago: damn, you got with her too?
josh: nah fam, I just 'nessed a rodstein
by Ramen267 January 18, 2017

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