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A hoot is a reminder to be happy and/or something to tag along with the phrase "Positive vibes"
"How many hoots does it take for a hoot to hoot?" 13
by 13hoots June 19, 2017

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Overly excited; Overjoyed
She was garymentie when it came time to pick a prize.
by q_lo_ol_p May 11, 2018

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a good mix between positive and happiness. this is a really good compliment because you can also use it to say to someone that they had a good idea
Person 1: I love the weather today¨
person 2: wow, you are really Rainbo today
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by Rainbo M'l June 04, 2017

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The most beautiful woman in the world, normally has a fat ass, is a very nice friend, always makes people happy.
Maddy Bryan makes me happy!
by samjespersen November 23, 2018

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When the Irish shit a lot and put it on a tray
Oh matey that's a Tray 'O' Shit you got there, better go command q on life
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by mapledick November 27, 2018

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its a way of saying hey but rlly happy
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooooooo happy birthday
by my name is hobobadoyogosho October 15, 2018

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Atheria is a cute, funny, nice person. She is always happy and everyone likes her because she is so kind.
I wish atheria liked me because I really like her!!
by bananna12345 September 16, 2018

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