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A hoot is a reminder to be happy and/or something to tag along with the phrase "Positive vibes"
"How many hoots does it take for a hoot to hoot?" 13
by 13hoots June 19, 2017
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The most ugliest person on earth. Everyone hates her but she is sometimes caring and happy. She is an independent girl and won't let anyone stop her game of life.
I hope I see a Senah tomorrow!

She is happy as gold!
by Angus Mahmoud September 17, 2017
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a good mix between positive and happiness. this is a really good compliment because you can also use it to say to someone that they had a good idea
Person 1: I love the weather today¨
person 2: wow, you are really Rainbo today
via giphy
by Rainbo M'l June 04, 2017
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it means that you are very exited about things and have no bad feelings about anyhing that will happen to you!
i am very happy today!
by Mrs.Blondy Hair May 06, 2017
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