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just one word "perfecto" he got everything that he want, smart ,
handsome,fit,clever, kindness and loyal person.
do you have a date with fakhrul??

yess ,why??

do you not know,he is idol
by azli December 27, 2016

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Very handsome every girls dream boyfriend likes blonds is better than other luis’s and will take you out on the best dates then will take you to your favorite places if you let him go you have problems
Wow have you seen Luis fabian no I heard the girl he’s dating is going to her favorite places I wish I had a man like him
by Justavo November 06, 2017

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A black handsome man with a large size penis The most handsome man I ever seen
Cedric will always be number one
by Cederic Grigley October 31, 2017

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A person who climbs mountains. A climer is also really bad at spelling. Besides his inability to spell, he is one of the best people you will ever meet. He fun to be around and is a very tall and handsome guy.
Person 1: Do you see that person climbing the mountain.

Person 2: You can tell from here that he must be a climer.
by sir climer the great May 19, 2017

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Eugene is a very nice, handsome young man. Who is loved by all. He is most loved by women. Good at everything he does. His name is very rare. He is a faithful man who can raise a family. Women go crazy for him so you should not introduce him to your Bestfriend because they start chasing him.
Eugene is well-born
by Lebronfan December 23, 2016

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a handsome man and at the same time he is a sensible person. he is caring, brave and also strong sleep. she has a lot of fans especially girls.
I have Izzuddin, and I am the luckiest girls on the planet.
by nrizzhmidi May 15, 2018

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An amazingly funny, handsome, smart, and athletic person. Has dirty blonde hair with gorgoues hazel eyes and a laugh that can make just anyone fall out of their chair. Matt's usually love soccer and pokemon and would do anything for that one person they really love. Always with their friends or girlfriend laughing at idiotic puns or jokes. Loves cats even more than he loves himself. Truly a mesmerizing person.
Rachel: Omg did you see that soccer player he's so hot.

Shelby: Omg yes i think Lex said he likes pokemon must be a Matt
by WolffGirl April 20, 2018

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