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Hair so magically perfect females can’t withstand its attractive force, drawing them in.
Oh my... look at tho flow... I gotta have some of that dick.
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by Sneaky Unicorn February 15, 2018

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A hair tie
I need a twistie for my hair
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by Rebecca6734 December 06, 2017

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Hair of the day
Did you see his hotd?

by C4Pants January 31, 2017

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Addison is a very beautiful person with a bright smile. But she can be very stubborn. Although she can be very nice and a great friend at times. She is a great dancer and she is a great singer. Addison is very smart and gets cute boyfriends. She can get very wild and crazy when it comes to boys. When she sees a boy she likes she sticks with him forever. She doesn’t care to give her own opinion. She gets very dramatic in fights a always flips her hair. She would die for her hair. She loves her hair very much. And people always want to be better than Addison but she won’t let you be better
I just wanna be Addison so bad!
by Tavia rocks February 07, 2018

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To push one's hair back or away from their face.

Yurts, yurted, yurting
"Tom looks sexy when he's yurting".
by Floatmagoat February 03, 2017

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