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When using the predictive text on an old Nokia phone, and typing “HAHA MAN” (with a Northern English twang) resulted in GAGS MAN.
After a gym freak insighted that taking tramadol prevented ejaculation, and gave up on his wank after burning 400 calories, the best looking in the group said “Gags man. That was class!”
by GagsMan December 30, 2018

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Ha shorthand is a method for conveying different discrete magnitudes of amusement or laughter. It is derived from haha, and can be communicated with only 3 characters.

1Ha == Ha
2Ha == Haha
3Ha ==Hahaha
Pablo Escobar: Knock Knock.
El Chapo: Who’s there?
Pablo Escobar: Mustache.
El Chapo: Mustache who?
Pablo Escobar: I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.
El Chapo: 4ha
Pablo Escobar: Great use of ha shorthand!
by sml12 June 11, 2018

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Tim will be a football player
by NBA tim December 22, 2018

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I guy who has a ten inch ding dong and calls himself daddy and tells little kids that his “gf” is pregnant of fornite.
This nigga retarted
by Hoe bicth October 30, 2018

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Gayest fag
The guy down cody collins is the gayest fag in the world
by killerskull4000 September 02, 2016

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A men's genitalia or as everyone like to call it "a penis."
"Suck my hot dog," John said.


"You just played yourself," John said.
via giphy
by Aulterson September 06, 2017

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a guy with no life and sucks 10 dicks at one time and deep throats them
i am such a tahir
by jujujaja June 27, 2018

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