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A killer from Dead By Daylight. The most ugliest creature who can no longer be called a female. All who plays her get turned on by her being ugly, and her traps are useless.
Jake: The Hag is an abomination that has a vile temper for being ugly
Carl: Yeah dude, and she is very short, but taller than a leprechaun at least. You should main her though. Her traps are good
Jake: You can just couch the whole time, and never trigger a trap. Very low tier killer they should remove her at least for her well being.
Carl: The hag needs love :(
Jake: Whatever gets you erect is fine unless its children
Carl: I'm not a pedo! XD
by Ragna The Red August 21, 2018

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a evil old woman, a witch
you are such a hag
by lol bdwsaodsa December 06, 2016

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