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When you do somebody else dirty or you do something wrong to a person or object. It’s only green if somebody can find the situation laughable at the time or at a later date. If nobody finds it funny, then it’s just mean.
“Yo my homie ‘s momma caught him playing the game while he was grounded so she broke that shit, she GREEN!”
by falloutvinny May 13, 2018

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Fake person
Bruh let me get a dollar.... No bruh
It's alright you green asf
by Green asf May 29, 2017

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The Green Bandanas are from Richfield, Minnesota and wear a green bandana on their heads in differing styles to symbolize their Hallmark to Society, being thieves and spreadin' green. Started in 1999 and lasted till 2003. Each member had a unique skill to bring to the pack, and an important role to play while out on the hunt. They did not have a leader nor respect positions of authority. They would also equally share the ill gotten goods. The green bandanas respected each other and the code of Honor among Thieves, right down to the point of only stealing from companies, never people. They started out of a need for materials and family, being poor and mistreated by their own families and schools.
I hear the green bandanas are throwing another party at the park
by SpitDragon December 17, 2017

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The word you would use if someone is being shitty/making fun of someone (especially with a mental illness) or something wrong/you’re doing something wrong
Person: “Dude look at that ugly kid”

You: “You’re green bro”

Person: “Dude she’s such a tease...she’s green”

“I got them alcohol and they won’t share it now how they finna be green?”
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by jujuul August 03, 2018

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Green: To not have kissed anyone, like a virgin, but for your mouth // South Africanism, used mostly by teens .
Adj. to get degreened is to be kissed.
Amy: Yo Kayleigh, are you still green?
Kayleigh: Yeah bro, I need to be degreened soon.
Kayleigh: Stfu Amy
by Laughingstock May 20, 2018

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