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The appearence of grass/flora on a sunny day following the sucsession of rainfall.
That wheat field looks fresh as fuck.
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by Zac088088 June 11, 2019

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a fake stupid day that mr hinson aka BIG boi makes up it is really gay and only logan celebrates it some grass isnt even green YEAH its racist green!? why not black oh think about that next time you do wednsday words of wisdom
its not national green grass day you faggot
by Cooper is wierd April 17, 2019

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She is an incredible person she often eats grass to make her feel better and she has no friends
Wow a wild Francensca eating grass
by Francensca May 21, 2018

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grass but with a british accent.
im going to trim the nice green graws today
by jarlin dando March 14, 2019

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