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Someone who is prone to talking about others behind their back in a negative manner. Usually, this behavior is caused by an inflated ego or a over-judgemental attitude. Or they're just a bitch
Katarina is such a gossip - she told everyone in the school about my personal problems
by talkshit-gethit January 05, 2018

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Verbal tract infection - where a person can’t stop gossiping and spreading rumours
He must have a vti
by Shep2000 November 27, 2017

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When you pour out details of a one night stand or feelings of a crush to a friend with urgency.
"Oh Sharon, I need to girl vomit on you about what happened last night! Answer you're damn phone!"
by smell August 12, 2017

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The girls who stay out of drama but stay in gossip
Person1:how do you know so much drama but never in it?
Person2:I'm a gossip gabbler
by Imverydadicated August 11, 2017

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1. Noun. Someone who gets into everyone's businesses, they tend to know every single piece of gossip about them.
My mother always knows what is happening in all the neighborhood, what a naughty-nose !!
by Advanced Class November 08, 2016

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