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Asianna is one of the most unique names you will find! An Asianna is very smart and has lots of self confidence. and is very self assured. She is Gorgeous and could get almost any person to fall in love with her bubbly and adorable personality.An Asianna is always flirty this is mostly because she is very bubbly and happy most times.Beware if you get on her bad side she will not easily forget what you have done.
Person 1:Who's that pretty girl over there

Person 2:Just Asianna❤
by Chris0258 April 22, 2017

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A person who is very nice at times but when pushed to far doesn’t care what she says or do. You are very special with a name like this and you are blessed
Macaria is blessed and smart
by Kayyyyyykayyyyy February 04, 2018

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Someone who's has a pretty by they own ways , have kind of heart and they will find a way to make them self happy however people hurt them . Love to see a nature such as flower , something's green , sunshine , moon and stars . The strongest person , loyal and honest . Also kind of very good friend cause they always put someone above.
Afni can stand by her own feet
by afni December 27, 2016

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Lila is so gorgeous and stunning. All the boys on the block want her, but she's plays hard to get. She hardly ever has a boyfriend but when she does all the girls are jealous of there relationship
Omg I wish I could be Lila
by Annoymoust June 20, 2018

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Thanea is the most unique girl you’ll ever meet she’s quit at first but a party girl she loves dancing she is so gorgeous. generous ,loving and sweet.she wants the world to be loving but she also is a badass she will beat you up !if she needs to don’t mess with her cause she’ll always be right .over all have a thanea in your life and don’t let her go anywhere
Dude thanea is so gorgeous and sexy

“Did you hear thanea beat up this bad guy “
by Thanea Redrovan May 15, 2018

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Gorgeous,smart and trustworthy
Eptisam is the type of person you can trust and when you get to speak to her you will get to love her for some reason maybe of the way she speaks to people with kindness and how she makes people feel good about them selves and trust me you will love to have an epstisam as a best friend she will never tell you secret and will always have your back no matter what.
by S......1314 February 08, 2018

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A Gorgeous, artistic, confident girl. She could brighten up the darkest of nights and could show a blind person the world. Kimberly is the smartest girl in the group but tends to undermine herself and see the good in others.
“Look at Kimberly Lamb over there, isn’t her smile absolutely dazzlingly gorgeous?”
by Butter.it January 08, 2018

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