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Tilting your head on one side, looking up.
Josh is so short, he needs to goosaï to talk to somebody.

The goose saw a hawk in the sky using the goosaï technic.
by Brocoli-and-kale July 23, 2018

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The name you give someone who is grace
Hey your a goose
via giphy
by Gizard XD February 28, 2017

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The act of pinching someone's buttocks (either playfully or as a way to get them to move out of your way), as though a real goose was grabbing a beak-ful of flesh. You can do this with either your bare hand or a reaching stick (assistive device used for picking things off the floor when you can't bend at the waist).
They just discharged me from the hospital and I needed a wheelchair to get to the car. Some idiot walked in front of me and wouldn't acknowledge me when I called out, "excuse me", so I made them meet my goose with my reaching stick. They took the hint.
by HasFurTwins June 12, 2018

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