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when anybody, but mostly asians, go out in public and just don't know how to be. Examples like stopping in the middle of the sidewalk for no reason, walking places that customers arent supposed to be in retail stores. Then just excusing their awkwardness with a response that is a mix between english and their language.
"This asian lady walked behind the cash register and started using the computer as if it was her own, then clued in and made a noise and excused herself embarrassingly, how gooky."
by mustardsandwich May 03, 2018

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Pronounced "chew-blee-uh".

It's a very common word used in the gook dialect. It usually means "go fuck yourself" or some other rude comment. Usually this rude comment is said under the breath of the gook. After saying this word, the gook often experiences a seizure or split personality syndrome. Sad stuff.
Me: Get off the fucking bus!

Crazy asian gook lady: Chooblea!
by DigitalWffls August 01, 2018

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