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A positive response to a question.... can be interchanged with the word good.
You: "How is the food?"
Me: "Fwago."
by Bnapy April 17, 2017

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A great person to be around can be annoying a bitch but be really nice dosent believe she's pretty but still can be‼️
Carolina is a very good girl sometime
by Holasola June 18, 2018

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Everything is all good
Yeah I got that done, it’s all honky dory
via giphy
by anon May 16, 2018

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a good person who likes game and makes a good user
person 1: HACKS
XxRockDudexX: no im just good
by AGOODBOI May 09, 2018

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Wittle beebs
Wittle beebs is so cute!
by Wittlebeebs November 20, 2017

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Litzuly a very beautiful women loved by many man but more by Trey this is her soul mate ❤
Litzuly blowns many man minds
by Shun01 January 09, 2017

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He is funny lit and he is also a great athlete
Dwarrtez is a good person
by King preobo February 27, 2019

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