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The combination of lint and sweat that collects in Peyton Manning's gooch
This chick was going down on me, but my Omaha Meatballs stopped her
by Iben Wakenoff June 28, 2016

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When you drop your pants and underwear then firmly grasping your dick and balls and pulling them up. Thus exposing your gooch. You also have the option to lean back or stand on your toes to give a better look to the recipient of the peek.
Man my teacher was a bitch the whole school year so on the last day before I walked out I gave her a Peek Under the Hood.
by CrazyQuentin July 15, 2017

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When the male partner stands over the female and lets his gooch sweat drip into her mouth and she spits it back into his
Babe can we do the Reindeer Dance tonight
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by goochsweat69 July 12, 2016

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When you lick someone's sweaty gooch.
May I give you a Chicago bean?
by Bryce Cream August 11, 2016

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