#gold digger

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Women who well get pregnant with any rich guy just to get the money( child support ) and not work as much or at all.
Karen: Would you purposely get pregnant with Trey just because he has a lot of money?
Samantha: No, I don't have Blac Chyna syndrome. I swear, I dont.
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by achelois_moongoddess April 19, 2017

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Someone who likes when you buy them things.
Person: My bitch is a gold dogger
by aeprael June 15, 2018

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A Kardashain style, highly annoying female individual who has a high level of gold digger traits and will suck your wallet dry by maintenaining her unsubstantiated high standards.
Don't be such a wallet leech. I'm not paying for drinks and dinner again!
by The_German November 20, 2016

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A typical golddigger or maybe even a future stripper.
Bro shes a "Chelsea Le" don't fall for her.
by Michael Tang-Wang March 05, 2018

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A boy that uses a girl for money. A bit like a gold digger tbh
Person 1: Wow he's really hot I would do anything to go out with him

Person 2: by anything do you mean give him money because I'm telling you right now that the guy is a class A Scrat
by shitallthepseudonymsaretaken January 10, 2017

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More commonly called a gold digger, a submarine wife is a woman who dives deep to get dat monay... What dat mouth do... She don't need air
My wife is a submarine wife, she blew through my money... But thats not all she blew.
by Two Milk July 26, 2016

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An Atypical Catfish variety in which the catfisher is playing with the target as themself, but done with malice or as a gold digger
Dude that chick is so hot, why does she go out with that dude?
That's because she's a Walking Catfish!
by cggccggccggc June 10, 2018

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